Wichita State University

Instructor of Record

I teach Introduction to Sociology (SOC 111), Medical Sociology (SOC 538), and Health and Lifestyles (SOC 338) in rotation.

Northwestern University

Instructor of Record

In Summer Quarter 2022, I taught Social Problems as an online course in the Department of Sociology. In Winter Quarter and Spring Quarter of 2022, I designed and taught a capstone course for international studies called “Integrating Project Seminar: Medicine, Health, and Wellness in Global and Comparative Perspective.” This was a capstone course for International Studies majors and focused on guiding students through the process of designing and conducting an international research project.

Teaching Assistantships

I have experience as a teaching assistant for the following undergraduate courses at Northwestern University:

Introduction to Sociology (2 quarters)

Environment and Society (1 quarter)

Sexuality and Society (1 quarter; Included 2 discussion sections)

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