Peer-Reviewed Articles

Lynne-Joseph, Alyssa. 2023. “‘As a clinician, you have to be passionately involved’: Advocacy and professional responsibility in gender-affirming healthcare.” Social Science & Medicine 321 (2023): 115788.

Lynne, Alyssa and Jillana Enteen. 2022. “Thai Trans Women’s Agency and the Destigmatisation of HIV-related Care.” Culture, Health & Sexuality 24(9): 1153-1167. doi:10.1080/13691058.2021.1933183.

Lynne, Alyssa. 2021. “Paired Double Consciousness: A Du Boisian Approach to Gender and Transnational Double Consciousness in Thai Kathoey Self-Formation.” Social Problems 68(2): 250-266. doi:10.1093/socpro/spaa073.

Effiom, Juan-Ita, Domonick Fields, Alyssa Lynne, and Phoua Xiong.* 2012. “Attitudes Toward Work Flexibility Across Generations.” Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research 2(1): 147-164.

*Authors contributed equally to this article and are listed alphabetically.


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Out of the Frying Pan (2010) – Rolvaag Fiction Award at St. Olaf College

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